Apartment Fire Watch


Apartment Fire Watch Staffing
Most local government processes require regular fire inspections for multifamily properties. Did you know that if you do not meet the requirements of the fire inspection, resulting in fire system failure or malfunction, you could face fines or a shutdown?
In this case, your business cannot operate unless you incorporate a fire watch solution. We offer on-site services to allow your community to stay open.
AAA Apartment Staffing provides fire watch services to help you avoid costly downtime for your community. We offer flexible staffing to fit your specific needs, including emergency, short-term and long-term.
Do You Need Fire Watch Service?
We offer this service to all properties including garden style, high-rise apartments, and senior living communities.
Circumstances Requiring a Fire Watch:
• Defective or inoperative alarm system
• Faulty fire sprinklers
• Loss of power
• Shutdown of water supply
What AAA Apartment Staffing provides:
When you contract with AAA Apartment Staffing, we watch over your property through regular patrols and monitoring. Our personnel will check for signs of fire and risks of fire per your instructions. We will work with you to create the right plan to include patrol of your property. Patrols usually take place every 30 to 60 minutes based on the local requirements and your instructions.
We monitor and patrol inside and outside your buildings, including unoccupied buildings as requested. We customize each contract to meet your needs. Our goal is both safety and your satisfaction.