Painter Job Summary:
A Painter is responsible for painting the interior and exterior of the apartment community as required by the Property Manager in order to maintain the property and prepare units for lease.

Painter Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with other painters and work along side other construction professionals
• Prepare the surface area for paint
• Protect all nearby furnishings such as furniture, lamps, carpet, cabinets, outlet covers, vents, smoke detectors, light fixtures, appliances, landscaping, etc.
• Discuss color, finish options, and design with the Property Manager
• Match paint colors to existing surfaces for touch-ups and small projects
• Use paint brushes, paint rollers, and operate spray equipment
• Paint the interior and exterior of the apartment as required
• Clean the equipment and area after painting is complete

Required Experience:
• Residential or Commercial Painter: 1 year

• Must have a valid drivers license
• Reliable transportation
• Excellent communication skills
• Must be able to pass a drug screen and criminal background check
• Must be able to complete projects on time and within budget

This information is to be used as an overview of responsibilities of a Painter. Each company, each apartment community may require different / additional responsibilities.