Employee Direct Deposit Enrollment Form


To enroll in Full Service Direct Deposit, simply fill out this form and submit to your local AAA Apartment Staffing office. If depositing to a savings account, ask your bank to give you the Routing/Transit Number for your account. It isn’t always the same as the number on a savings deposit slip. This will help ensure that you are paid correctly. Below is a sample check MICR line, detailing where the information necessary to complete this form can be found.


Employee Direct Deposit Enrollment Form


IMPORTANT! Please read before completing and submitting.

I hereby authorize AAA APARTMENT STAFFING to deposit any amounts owed me, as instructed by my employer, by initiating credit entries to my account at the financial institution (hereinafter “Bank”) indicated on this form. Further, I authorize Bank to accept and to credit any credit entries indicated by AAA APARTMENT STAFFING to my account. In the event that AAA APARTMENT STAFFING deposits funds erroneously into my account, I authorize AAA APARTMENT STAFFING to debit my account for an amount not to exceed the original amount of the erroneous credit. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until AAA APARTMENT STAFFING and Bank have received written notice from me of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford AAA APARTMENT STAFFING and Bank reasonable opportunity to act on it (7 business days minimum).



• AAA Apartment Staffing will email the employee a password protected paystub (.pdf) on every Friday payday. Your emailed paystub password is the first four letters of your last name (lowercase) and the last four digits of your social security number. For example: George Washington SSN 123-­-45-­-6789 will have password: wash6789

• Mailed paychecks will delivered via the US Postal Service from Houston, TX and will be void and reissued after 30 days. To avoid delays please enroll in direct deposit today.

• Questions? Call 1-877-866-0830, Fax 1-877-464-1866.